Diagnostics at ICGI

Several of the research methods developed or established at ICGI are part of the Oslo University Hospital diagnostic service. The methods include Karyotyping, FISH, array CGH, DNA Ploidy, Nucleotyping and Histotyping. More than 10.000 analyses for roughly 3.500 patients are performed by ICGI annually as part of the clinical routine.

Image Analysis

The majority of our research entails digital image analysis of cell nuclei, with the purpose of quantitative and qualitative analysis of DNA- and chromatin organization.


Samples from Norwegian patients are received from Vestre Viken Hospital, Østfold Hospital, Innlandet Hospital, and Akershus University Hospital from the Southern and Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority, as well as from hospitals from the other health regions, such as St Olav’s University Hospital, The University Hospital of North Norway, Møre and Romsdal Hospital Trust, and Diakonhjemmet Hospital.

ICGIs User Council

In 2019, ICGI established a permanent user council with representatives from different cancer patient organisations. The council represents a necessary corrective to our ideas and focuses on how we best contribute to better cancer treatment.

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