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  • A clinical decision support system optimising adjuvant chemotherapy for colorectal cancers by integrating deep learning and pathological staging markers: a development and validation study

    Published: 10.08.2022

    Kleppe A, Skrede O-J, deRaedt S, Hveem TS, Askautrud HA, Jacobsen J, Church DN, Nesbakken A, Shepherd NA, Novelli M, Kerr R,  Liestøl K, Kerr DJ, Danielsen HE

    Lancet Oncol23 (9)1221-1232

    PubMed 35964620

  • Area under the curve may hide poor generalisation to external datasets

    Published: 05.04.2022

  • The Essentials of Multiomics

    Published: 21.02.2022

    Marshall JL, Peshkin BN, Yoshino T, Vowinckel J, Danielsen HE, Melino G, Tsamardinos I, Haudenschild C, Kerr DJ, Sampaio C, Rha SY, FitzGerald KT, Holland EC, Gallagher D, Garcia-Foncillas J, Juhl H

    Oncologist, 27 (4), 272-284

    PubMed 35380712

  • PTEN and DNA Ploidy Status by Machine Learning in Prostate Cancer

    Published: 28.08.2021

    Cyll K, Kleppe A, Kalsnes J, Vlatkovic L, Pradhan M, Kildal W, Tobin KAR, Reine TM, Wæhre H, Brennhovd B, Askautrud HA, Skaaheim Haug E, Hveem TS, Danielsen HE

    Cancers (Basel), 13 (17)

    PubMed 34503100

  • A comparison of methods for fully automatic segmentation of tumors and involved nodes in PET/CT of head and neck cancers

    Published: 04.03.2021

    Groendahl AR, Skjei Knudtsen I, Huynh BN, Mulstad M, Moe YM, Knuth F, Tomic O, Indahl UG, Torheim T, Dale E, Malinen E, Futsaether CM

    Phys Med Biol, 66 (6), 065012

    PubMed 33666176

  • Designing deep learning studies in cancer diagnostics

    Published: 28.01.2021

    Kleppe A, Skrede OJ, De Raedt S, Liestøl K, Kerr DJ, Danielsen HE

    Nat Rev Cancer, 21 (3), 199-211

    PubMed 33514930

  • Prognostic Value of the Diversity of Nuclear Chromatin Compartments in Gynaecological Carcinomas

    Published: 25.11.2020

    Kleppe A, Albregtsen F, Trovik J, Kristensen GB, Danielsen HE

    Cancers (Basel), 12 (12)

    Pubmed 33352679

  • Deep learning for prediction of colorectal cancer outcome: a discovery and validation study

    Published: 31.01.2020

    Skrede OJ, De Raedt S, Kleppe A, Hveem TS, Liestøl K, Maddison J, Askautrud HA, Pradhan M, Nesheim JA, Albregtsen A, Farstad IN, Domingo E, Church DN, Nesbakken A, Shepherd NA, Tomlinson I, Kerr R, Novelli M, Kerr DJ, Danielsen HE

    Lancet, 395 (10221), 350-360

    Pubmed 32007170

  • Prognostic value of DNA ploidy and automated assessment of stroma fraction in prostate cancer

    Published: 16.12.2019

    Ersvaer E, Hveem TS, Vlatkovic L, Brennhovd B, Kleppe A, Tobin KAR, Pradhan M, Cyll K, Waehre H, Kerr DJ, Danielsen HE (2019)

    Int J Cancer

    PubMed 31846064

  • Prognostic value of mitotic checkpoint protein BUB3, cyclin B1, and pituitary tumor-transforming 1 expression in prostate cancer

    Published: 03.12.2019

    Ersvær E, Kildal W, Vlatkovic L, Cyll K, Pradhan M, Kleppe A, Hveem TS, Askautrud HA, Novelli M, Wæhre H, Liestøl K, Danielsen HE

    Mod Pathol Dec 4 2019

    PubMed 31801961

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